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A Message from the President

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Hunterdon County Police Chief’s Association website.  I hope that you find this site to be both helpful and informative.

Our Association is comprised of the Chiefs from the various Police Departments that serve within Hunterdon County.  Each month the Chiefs of each police department in Hunterdon County, along with the Hunterdon County Sheriff, the Hunterdon County Prosecutor, New Jersey State Police Station Commanders, and other Hunterdon County Law Enforcement leaders, meet to discuss crime trends, new technology opportunities, training issues and other relevant law enforcement issues.  The exchange of information, coupled with ongoing direct interaction between Hunterdon County Law Enforcement leaders, contributes greatly to allowing us to provide state of the art law enforcement protection to our respective communities.

It’s the opinion of this association that the success of any Police Department in meeting the needs of its community depends in part on providing accurate and timely information as well as various police services to the citizens we serve.  To that end, we intend to use this web site as one additional method to provide and share information to our members and our respective communities.

Supporters of Hunterdon County Crimestoppers